MAY 2018

Another amazing spring in NHE!

Neighbors, NHECA Spring Beautification projects began April 28. Volunteers are needed for weeding, in preparation of mulching and planting. Please pitch in and weed before May 1, because . . . Mulch Delivery is scheduled Tuesday or Wednesday / May 1 or 2. Hoover Park and the islands are expected to receive mulch this year on May 1 or 2. As last year, Hoover Park will be mulched by our usual contractor. Yeah!!!

Flower Planting Date = Saturday, May 12: Annuals purchased for the Park and islands will be available for planting Saturday, May 12, time TBD. Reminders on weeding: If you are not sure if it is a weed… find out by asking others — or — don’t pull up the plant. Thank you in advance for making NHE beautiful this spring!

Diana Baier and Nancy Hall, NHECA Co-Beautification Coordinators .




Just a reminder, A beautification “Wish List” is posted on the bulletin board. 

FYI: A few of us are developing a master plan so that in the future you can see where we need / want certain plants (or types of plants), so that you can quickly dig them up in your yard and put them in one of the common areas immediately — which gives the plants the best chance for an easy transplantation!

Any suggestions, questions or donations: call Diana Baier.