An amazing spring in NHE!

Mulching and planting has been completed. Flowers will need watered. Additional flowers will be put into pots on Madison and Monroe Islands. Ongoing weeding is required, so please do so and encourage others to weed the common areas.

Dave Farabaugh of Ross Public Works had the township's electrician check the panel and change the GFI for the fish pond. Pond fountain is again working. We will be purchasing some water plants for the pond over the coming weeks.



Just a reminder, A beautification “Wish List” is posted on the bulletin board. 

FYI: A few of us are developing a master plan so that in the future you can see where we need / want certain plants (or types of plants), so that you can quickly dig them up in your yard and put them in one of the common areas immediately — which gives the plants the best chance for an easy transplantation!

Any suggestions, questions or donations: call Diana Baier.