JUNE 2019

Another amazing spring in NHE!

Friends and Neighbors, NHECA Spring Beautification continues. Here are some additional tasks needed for 2019 Spring Beautification:

Now an important plea for some volunteers to finish up the last main gardens spring rejuvenation - The Good Neighbor Garden (GNG) on Washington Drive. Mulch has been delivered. The ground cover we are trying to eradicate from the garden is creeping back in. Here’s the Plan: As volunteers are able (on your personal schedules) remove as much of the pesky ground cover as possible — without disturbing the newly replanted good plants / flowers. Then mulch the garden. To be most efficient (and hardly disturb the good plants) start from the LEFT of the garden (when facing the bench), then proceed to the RIGHT. Once a section is ready we will mulch that area. This process will make it easy for us all to work on our own schedules, as we will easily see where the last volunteer(s) left off in the garden. Any time you can provide is much appreciated.
While beautifying at (or admiring) the GNG, please notice the new fence. It is really sturdy (safety first) and beautiful, thanks to your fellow neighbor volunteers.

Diana Baier, NHECA Beautification Coordinator.