The NHE "Fiesta " of 2018 was one of the best Summer Picnics of all time! Overnight the scattered thunderstorms had dissolved into light fog, and by afternoon the sun was shining through blue skies with fluffy white clouds. Nancy and George Hall had the park bedecked with bright colors for the fiesta. Steve Finnerty and others did the heavy lifting for the setup, and Claire and Lynne arrived in time for the festivities.

The Taco Truck was a huge hit, and picnickers queued up there for two hours. The balloon maker generated fantastic shapes, including sea creatures, such as puffy octopuses in a variety of colors. Sharon Trimber & DJ Tammy had the attendees of all ages dancing in the street, doing the limbo and full spectacle hula-hooping and hollering. Our bubble aficionado (Cathy Proctor) involved a plethora of children and quite a few parents in bubble-making, and she bedazzled onlookers with bubbles large and small. The bounce house swallowed up a number of small children, but spit them back out later, according to all reports. Luckily for those who missed it, Mike Calabrese was there to record it all with his camera. (See link elsewhere on this site.)

Set-up and take down were a breeze as a result of neighbors pitching in.

Neighborhood events planned in 2018:

  • Halloween Parade – October 27th
  • Light Up Night with Santa – December 1st

Membership application for 2018 was due March 1.

PDF version is available for printout here.

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