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Our next event is the Halloween Parade 10/26 (Saturday) at 3 PM
Click here for Mike C's images from Summer Picnic 8/3/19
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To contact NHE Civic Assn or offer suggestions for the site: nhecamail@nheca.org

Neighborhood Events for 2019

  • Halloween Parade - Saturday, October 26th 3 PM
  • Light Up Night - Saturday, December 7th 6 PM
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Founded in 1929, 175-acre North Hills Estates was one of the earliest established communities north of Pittsburgh. Building was sporadic in the ‘30s and ‘40s. By 1950, much of the perimeter was developed. (Pittsburgh Press 1951) Some 20 years ago, four of our history-buff neighbors researched and wrote a short history of NHE - click here to view

water fountain


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reference numbers

Local government - Ross Township

Local parks - Township map

Schools - North Hills School District

Local activities (open PDF/click down to pg 29) - Ross Record



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